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Cultural diversity  | book design

This book was made to introduce some daily life routine and ways of behavior in Lebanon and in Germany to each other.
Through the book you can see the differences and similarities of both cultures. Especially since the war in Syria, a lot of Arabs came to Germany. Understanding each other was a cultural challenge for both sides. With this book I want to offer insights into both cultures and try to be a hepful in the process of intercultural communication.

Animation video for the book introduction



When I was working on my sketches, I realized many things have two sides, almost an east and west of everything.

For example, east and west of the Rhine River, or east and west of Berlin/Germany, east and west of Beirut. The idea developed to become a design and art together in a form of a book.

There were many topics left outside of this project, due to the subject and their relationship. Like the role of mothers/husbands,architectural differences between Lebanon and Germany and so on.

I hope stressing on the differences and trying to give background information, explaining how these cultural differences can be understood or why people behave the way they do, this book is useful bringing the Arabic and German culture a tiny bit closer to each other.

I want to show with this project: Even with cultural differences we both have something in common in reality.

These examples were excluded out of the project due to the subject which they do not match.
But they might be reconsidered for the next project with different topics.